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how it all started

Del Sol is the child of life long couple and soulmates, Claudia and Thomas. Longtime business owners here in Dripping Springs, these two had been in search of a place where they could, "do it all" for quite some time.

Practicing yoga, martial arts, meditation and other mindfulness practices since the 90's. Their life long dream was to build a center where they could bring their passions to the people around them.

Inspired on a trip to India the message came through loud and clear, "Do it All, and do it Now"- and thus the rest is history as they say, They came home and began to move.

As the project continued, they both realized that the land they had purchased to put their yoga and martial arts studios was too special not to be shared with the public for special occasions, occasions that bring light and happiness, love and understanding, and so it is that they opened it up for special events and memorable moments-

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